Saturday, March 7, 2015

Overlay Charts

... and other non-definitions

Is there any difference between this ...

... and this?

How about this?


According to some, the latter two are "overlay charts".  Whatever that means.  Perhaps you can figure it out:
Once again: that chart is an overlay.

It does not show cause and effect.

Use the WoodForTrees database. Produce a chart like this one, but showing that changes in CO2 cause changes in temperature. That should be very easy to do — if there are supporting measurements.

To be convincing you need to work off of the same page. Use the same WFT databases that I used, then make your case.
Charmingly, the duplicity continues yet today, only amplified:
All factual data is allowable! It is YOUR side that tries to limit knowledge to only pal-reviewed carp. And it is YOUR side that tries to eliminate information provided by WUWT readers.

Once more, for the dim-witted: Appeals to Authority are logical fallacies [unless the authority is without fault]. The ultimate Authority is Planet Earth, and she is busy debunking the alarmist narrative: 18+ years with no global warming.

So who are ya gonna believe? Bought and paid for chumps riding the grant gravy train, and their closed-minded Religious acolytes?

Or Planet Earth?

Take your pick. Because they can’t both be right.
One wonders which infallible authority will describe what Planet Earth is doing.

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